October 2014

29 Oct

Piecing together the entire puzzle

So you are about to start the type rating training, but just as you thought, it is only the first milestone of the long road ahead of you. In order to shed some light on all the puzzle pieces that are needed to complete the big picture which we call “the professional pilot”, we have taken time to write a brief overview of the courses that each student-pilot must take to acquire the full package. Once you choose the aircraft, completing the type rating course is not the end of the story. Words and abbreviations like MCC, First Aid, RFFT, CRM...

29 Oct

Top 10 must-read books for pilots

It feels great to get on the ground after the intensive flying season. Considering pilot job as one of the most busy we still believe there are special moments to refresh yourself with a cup of hot tea and a book in your hand. Therefore, we prepared a list of ten aviation related books, including professional and fiction literature, which are recommended by readers to be on every pilot’s bookshelf. Whether you are a professional pilot or planning to become one, these books are well worth of your attention. So enjoy reading! 1. Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art...

8 Oct

Your career is cleared for takeoff

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training provider, invites to the Open Door Day event which is going to take place on October 11th at the main training base in Vilnius (Dariaus and Gireno 21). Organizers are bringing the Open Door Day back to Vilnius after hosting three events in Kaunas training base during the exciting flight season. By naming the event “Your career is cleared for takeoff”, organizers are inviting and challenging everyone who has a desire to become a pilot, to finally take that last step. Everything is ready and setup to start the journey: industry that is lacking skilled pilots,...