August 2014

28 Aug

Viewer questions and answers. Part 2

Aviation is a complex and interesting industry, so there are always questions about various things! Here is the second part of the Viewer question - answer video and sadly, the last video that Oleg did at Baltic Aviation Academy, because he has already graduated! Feel free to post any other questions that you have and we will make sure to answer them in the future videos!...

8 Aug

Graduation Ceremony: Class of 2014

Baltic Aviation Academy wants to share moments from the graduation ceremony of the class 2014. Students, parents, friends and Baltic Aviation Academy commemorate a lifetime achievement of these students. Baltic Aviation Academy says THANK YOU for a daily inspiration to keep fulfilling more dreams like yours!...

6 Aug

Baltic Aviation Academy participates at Finland International Airshow

Blue skies, brilliant flying skills, and exceptional aircraft capabilities! Does that sound exciting? It definitely does for the thousands who will gather at Finland International Airshow. For the first time in history, Baltic Aviation Academy joins in, expanding Finns’ pilot study opportunities. Every visitor will have a chance to meet and greet Baltic Aviation Academy representatives, get more insights about the aviation industry and its professions. Prospective pilots will also have an opportunity to talk directly to one of current students – Finn Tomi Salonen, get more information about the available financial support. The aircraft lovers will be able to examine...