28 May

TOP 10 abandoned airports

Many of us travel through the beautiful airports at least once a year, but have you ever thought about the spookiest abandoned civil airports and airfields? Let’s take a journey through a few of the more interesting world’s airports that has been left to rot behind.

1. Hellinikon Airport, Greece

Once, Hellinikon lived the glorious days of being one of Greece’s flagship terminals and hub for international travel, however 63 years since it’s opening in 1938, it was abandoned.

2. Kai Tak, Hong Kong

One of the world’s most dangerous airports for both landings and takeoffs, Kai Tak International Airport lived up to be 75 when it got replaced by a lot more modern Hong Kong International Airport.

3. Cape Eleuthera Airport, Bahamas

Cape Eleuthera Airport used to serve the same name resort visitors but was closed around 1983 when resort shutdown. To make it impossible to land at night for the drug smugglers, airport runway has been filled with berms made of dirt.

4. Montreal – Mirabel International Airport, Canada

Apart from being the location for the movie “Terminal”, airport never got busier than an average airport, even though government officials had ambitious plans to make it the largest airport in the world at the time.

5. Cerrillos Airfield, Chile

250 hectares spanning abandoned airfield is becoming a struggle for the largest South America’s city residents as they are facing land shortage. Government is failing to redevelop this land as a functional urban area.

6. Gaza International Airport, Gaza

Gaza International Airport (aka Yasser Arafat International Airport), was only functional for 3 years, from 1998 to 2001, when it was destroyed by Israeli forces and was no longer operational.

7. Stapleton International Airport, USA

Denver’s primary airport for 66 years was also the site for Ted Fujita’s studies of microburst which revolutionized the knowledge of it. Today airport is being used for housing and retail.

8. Yangyang International Airport, South Korea

Yangyang International Airport is one of the many South Korea’s government examples of the overestimated demand. State of the art airport is now sitting empty without any passengers coming or going.

9. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport’s Terminal 3, China

Saying, “if you build it, they will come”, doesn’t always work, and it especially doesn’t work when there are some sort of travel constrains. This state-of-the-art airport is sitting empty as Shenzhen doesn‘t allow visa-free stops.

10. Aeroplane graveyard at Lanseria Airport, South Africa

That something you do not see every day. Lanseria Airport in South Africa is a functioning international airport, however, it also is the last and the largest destination for a number of aircraft in South America.

Hopefully this list of abandoned or dysfunctional airports is interesting and beneficial and gives you a little insight into your own research.