29 Apr

TOP10 Vintage Airline Commercials

Sometimes, there is nothing better than to take a few minutes, relax and have a good laugh! You will definitely enjoy our TOP 10 funny and interesting vintage airline commercials that brightened our day, and hopefully will do the same to you! Happy watching!

1. Braniff International Airlines really went all out with this!

2. Southern Airline might have exaggerated the class difference a little bit too much!

3. This girl knows a lot more about the aircraft then the captain!

4. Someone at Air Liberte must have had a very unpleasant flight to make such a commercial!

5. Continental Airlines used to want to give you everything!

6. Argentinian Airlines caught their lucky airplane just on time!

7. British Airways – skilled at many more things than flying!

8. If all airlines did this, long flights would be so much more fun!

9. This Frontier Airlines bunny really knows his stuff!

10. Edgy and fun Virgin Atlantic commercial

We bet you enjoyed this short break with our TOP 10 vintage airline commercials! Let us know which one is your favorite or share with us your favorite add which is not included into this list by writing us at [email protected]