April 2014

29 Apr

TOP10 Vintage Airline Commercials

Sometimes, there is nothing better than to take a few minutes, relax and have a good laugh! You will definitely enjoy our TOP 10 funny and interesting vintage airline commercials that brightened our day, and hopefully will do the same to you! Happy watching! 1. Braniff International Airlines really went all out with this! 2. Southern Airline might have exaggerated the class difference a little bit too much! 3. This girl knows a lot more about the aircraft then the captain! 4. Someone at Air Liberte must have had a very unpleasant flight to make such a commercial! 5. Continental Airlines used to want to...

24 Apr

Open Season: flying solo

The flying season at Baltic Aviation Academy is now open and our students dove straight into the pleasure of flight! Here are a few of them after the completion of their first solo flight and the tradition that everyone goes through! Enjoy the video and you know who to contact if you wish to be in their place one day - Baltic Aviation Academy is your way to the cockpit! solo flight....

15 Apr

Baltic Aviation Academy took new approach on Ab Initio Training

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre in Central Europe, took a new approach on pilot Ab Initio training. Academy organized a series of different classes for its ATPL Integrated students, helping students to be closer to the industry and get a deeper knowledge of taught topics. Baltic Aviation Academy’s Ab Initio students have been invited to visit ATC Tower in order to see how communication between aircraft crews and air traffic controllers proceeds in real life. This visit has been arranged for the Radio Communication class taught during theoretical part of the training. ‘Being able to be on the ‘other side’...