Success Story: It’s a Fantastic Job. Period


Becoming and being a pilot requires a lot of concentration and dedication for the occupation and industry. Luis Carvalho has put his best foot forward and stepped out of his comfort zone for a number of times while pursuing his dream of becoming a pilot. “There is no normal schedule, yet all of it is so close and dear to my heart. The feeling is fantastic, and I have imagined myself in that seat for as long as I can remember. My dad is an old aviation enthusiast who has been flying little model airplanes for a long time now, thus he is the one responsible for my unconditional love for the sky.” This is how Luis trip towards his dreams started.

When making a decision about the aircraft type that Luis wants to fly, he stayed faithful to the European aircraft manufacturer, because he desires to fly the European route and represent one of his country’s airlines. That is why, Luis Carvalho, Portugal’s native, has made a decision to come all the way to Baltic Aviation Academy, located in Lithuania, to get his type rating training for Airbus A320. Luis lights up whenever he talks about aviation and cannot hide his excitement to finally be able to take another step forward in pursuing his career as a pilot, yet admits that traveling to the unfamiliar country for studies was challenging but rewarding in the end. “It’s an emotion that is impossible to describe. Being eleven kilometers above the ground, flying over the cities, and having the most amazing view you can possibly imagine. It’s brilliant! It’s a fantastic job! What else do you want me to say?” says Luis when asked what is so appealing about being a pilot.

As Luis has learned through his own experience, the three most important qualities and skills which make an excellent pilot and helps to stay focused are humbleness, simplicity and determination to study until the day you retire. The hard and lengthy studying Luis has faced right away, when he started the type rating course and had to spend quite a few sleepless nights just trying to go over the studying material. “It was all worth it in the end and I am happy I picked Baltic Aviation Academy for my type rating training. Baltic Aviation Academy is well respected and well connected training centre which I was recommended by a few friends.”

Baltic Aviation Academy has helped Luis get his line training with one of the Baltic Aviation Academy’s partner, which then was followed by the successful employment with one of the Europe’s airlines. “As one of the many Baltic Aviation Academy’s strengths I would definitely mention the partner network, which allows young pilots like me to have an opportunity to receive line training and get in front of the potential employers.” Currently, Luis is preparing for an exciting adventure of his life, and neither early wake-ups nor work schedule without the weekends is scaring him while he pursues his dream of one day flying the long-range flights in his dream aircraft.