Started From The Bottom, Now He’s Here


BAA Training is happy to be able to write about the students, who join the academy from the very first steps in the aviation world and then grows and matures into the professional pilots. Lukas Vabolis story started at BAA Training’s Ab Initio school and followed up with the type rating training and line training which was also provided by BAA Training.

Lukas Vabolis started cultivating on his interest in aviation during the sophomore year in highschool. The vivid and adventurous story that his dad, who had a chance to stay in the pilot’s cockpit during the full flight, told him was the best encouragement to excite Lukas to pursue the career in aviation and leave the planned education in history studies behind.

Lithuania’s native, Lukas searched for the aviation academy close to home to pursue his ATPL Integrated license at Ab-Initio school. “I wanted to stay in Lithuania, or as close as possible, so I found out about BAA Training online. At that point there was not much decision making, because I just wanted to be a pilot. Studying was very difficult, it’s not any easier right now, but it seemed like a very difficult time at the moment.” Lukas appreciates the time spent at BAA Training and admits that it has provided him with a number of useful life, classroom and practical lessons. “I think BAA Training has amazing instructors: the depth of their knowledge and practical examples has made the studies that much more invaluable for the young pilot-to-be.”

Once Lukas was done with his ATPL Integrated studies, he went on to receive his first type rating on Boeing 737 Classic at BAA Training. “I would describe myself as a very curious and knowledge-seeking person: I believe that it is better to start from the smaller airplane and build your way up with the experience and better industry observation. I did some research about the pilot demand in Europe and Asia and picked Boeing 737 Classic for the vast opportunities that it can offer. And I definitely have ambitions and desire to get additional type ratings, but at the moment, my plan is to start building time in order to get more experience and become a lot more appealing to the employers.”

BAA Training has become Lukas home base as he is now finishing up his Boeing 737 type rating training and will continue the line training with one of the BAA Training’s partner airlines. As for now, he wishes that successful completion of the line training, which he was offered through BAA Training, will help him land the first officer job and hopefully take him on to his favored Europe – Asia route.

“Flying is a good feeling: the pleasure of the trip and the adventure. Learning about new cultures, meeting and working with new people, seeing the world from up above is something I will never be able to let go, therefore I am grateful and very excited to be so close to fulfilling my very own dream.”