12 Feb

Turn your passion into a career

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre, located in Vilnius Lithuania is announcing the first Open Door day of 2014. The event, titled “Turn your passion into a career” will take place on February 22nd at Baltic Aviation Academy’s home base in Vilnius.

As the school year is coming to its final stretch and students start making the decisions about their future career, Baltic Aviation Academy would like to invite all those who are still figuring out what profession to choose, we invite to explore promising aviation sector. Many times, aviation sounds like such a mysterious and distant profession, that very few people put any thought into pursuing it. Baltic Aviation Academy would like to dismiss all the myths and show everyone who attends the Open Door Day, that aviation is exciting, interesting, and most importantly, easier to conquer than you thought.

During the Open Door Day, attendees will have a chance to participate in the interactive aviation discussions and tasks, where they will learn more about the skills needed for the profession. Current Baltic Aviation Academy’s Ab Initio School students will present their typical day in the academy and will be there to answer all the questions about the student life.  The Open Door Day will also provide a unique opportunity to visit the real representation of the pilot cockpit as well as face the challenge in the Real Fire Fighting Simulator. The highlight of the day will be the opportunity to win a flight in the Full Flight Simulator by participating in the quiz at the end of the Open Door Day!

“Pilot’s profession is an exciting adventure and we want to let as many people as we can know that passion can turn into the profession. The Open Door Day is an excellent opportunity to place yourself in the actual pilot’s seat and realize how amazing it could be if you chased after what you have always been dreaming about”, commented Agata Pradedovic, Training Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.