29 Jan

CPL Modular: take a copilot’s seat

As the school year is taking its final turn and advancing all the students to the finish line, it is time to start thinking about the studies for the career. A lot of times, aviation is dreamed about by many people, yet not everyone dares to take a step forward. Aviation training centre, Baltic Aviation Academy, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, has prepared an informative webinar, which will give both teenagers and adults a lot of information about the CPL Modular program and future career perspectives.

On February 4th, 2014, Baltic Aviation Academy will broadcast the webinar titled “CPL Modular: take a copilot’s seat” that will provide all the viewers with an opportunity to learn more about the CPL Modular program. Webinar will focus on the CPL Modular program: presenter will cover the course syllabus, provide the benefits of the CPL Modular compared to other Ab-Initio training courses. Webinar will highlight the possibilities of additional work or social activities that students might have while taking the CPL Modular course, as well as give important information about the examination at CAA.

“CPL Modular course is a great opportunity for all those who dream of becoming a pilot, but also wishes to match their studies with the daily life, work, social activities or additional studies. And these benefits are not the only ones that make CPL Modular a very appealing program for the future pilots. Tune in to watch the webinar and find out about the aviation industry possibilities”, commented Vytautas Jankauskas, Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.