8 Jan

Choosing the license for your future

The New Year has come and you realized that airplane cockpit is where you have to be. That is a big step forward, yet what region you should pick to get your license is the other major question.

Aviation Training Centre, Baltic Aviation Academy located in Vilnius, Lithuania is ready to help out and answer the question about the various region license differences in a webinar which is going to broadcast on January 14th, 2014. The upcoming webinar “The differences in pilot licenses by region” will focus on the major regions and their aviation training requirements and rules. Viewers will get an understanding of how each region‘s aviation industry is functioning and what aviation organization is the governmental regulatory body that makes the regional regulations. The webinar will give a comparative look by providing the pros and cons of different types of licenses in each region which is going to help a lot to those who have not yet decided which path to choose.

As the webinar presenter has summarized, „this webinar is an excellent source of information for people who are interested in learning about the pilot license requirements in different regions, and especially to those who are planning on relocating to acquire their license elsewhere. The webinar will cover the medical examination stages and levels, because the medical condition is the barrier that might keep one away from acquiring the commercial pilot license.”