Destination – Captain


What is it like to hear airport noises even before you are born? For Neil Limbachia that gave a start for his passion and career.

As Neil describes himself, he is a detail oriented person who is outgoing and enjoys meeting new people. Neil used that detail-oriented trait when spending 6 months researching type rating training schools. According to Neil, 6 months is a relatively short time to spend researching something that will eventually be shaping up your career. The top criteria that weighted Neil’s decision were how well is the training centre being valued in a region, former student reviews, and well known airline pilot recommendations.

Neil’s mom and dad have always worked at the airport, which, not surprisingly, sparked his interest and passion in aviation from the early childhood. Neil first got a chance to do a test flight when he was 13. Then followed his general curiosity of how aircraft operates from both mechanical and business point of view, and how these two segments interact to create this massive advanced service for humanity. This curiosity led Neil to Oxford Aviation School where he received his initial pilot training, and almost two years later, joined Baltic Aviation Academy to further up his career with an Airbus A320 type rating training.

Neil’s decision to pick Airbus A320 was influenced by the market demand and the aircraft itself. “Airbus market is big in Europe and I wanted to stay here, so it was a relatively easy decision. I found Airbus to be a very nice aircraft to fly. It is very automated, yet once you start learning it, every step leads to a further understanding of other systems and everything is tied up in a coherent fashion which makes it pleasant to fly” said Neil when asked about his reasons for choosing Airbus A320 as his type rating training.

The time spent at Baltic Aviation Academy Neil remembers as very productive because of the amount of the manuals and system procedures that he had to learn in such a short time. However, the instructor at the academy was exceeding all Neil’s expectations. “I really liked his teaching style, knowledge and professionalism. It seemed like he knew everything. Instructor was able to use student’s positive attributes to improve their negative ones and thus advance us in our learning further on every single day.”

Neil is most excited about flying a highly technological aircraft and being a part of a huge international company which gave him an opportunity to learn and grow with it. Neil is not hiding his dream and plans to become a captain one day, and most importantly, get an opportunity to become a training-captain which will give him a chance to pass on everything he has learned throughout his career and help others reach the skies, just like he did.