27 Nov

Pilot job market forecast and best places to be!

Pilot profession is appealing, exciting and most importantly interesting. However, if you are not up to date with the prospects, opportunities and most favorable career locations it might be difficult to find your place under the sun. At the end of the third quarter, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and industry professionals present performance news and plans for the upcoming year which provide good forecasting basis for the realistic future prognosis.

According to the newest Airbus in-depth industry forecast, which was released on October 24th, it is certain that aviation industry will grow, and it will grow a lot. The most important factor that will contribute to the forecasted growth is the air travel resilience to the external shocks like oil crisis or financial crisis which will cause air traffic to double in 15 years. Other factors that contribute to the growth are the increase in urban population; liberalization of the emerging and growing regions like Latin America, China and Africa; growing tourism; and expanding middle class. It is not surprising that the biggest growth is still forecasted in the expanding regions like China, India, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and CIS countries. It is expected that 2 out of 3 people in the emerging regions will be taking a trip a year. These factors lead us to believe that pilots will continue to be one of the most desired employees by a variety of airlines that provide passenger and cargo travel services.

“Aviation is already big and growing industry because there is flight demand during both season and off-season. Currently, market has an increased need for Pilots-in-Command for Airbus and Boeing family aircraft. That Captain need has been around for awhile and will not decrease any time soon. First Officer positions are usually filled with the local pilots who are trained by the airline. Far East and Middle East are the leading and most rapidly growing markets that offer appealing conditions and the most generous paychecks,” commented Gintautas Šilėnas, Communications and HR Manager at AviationCV.com. For all those who are not dreaming to fly, but rather want to know everything about the aircraft – aviation engineer demand should be a good encouragement due to the highest need in aviation industry.

For a further and more in depth industry investigation, we took a look into the most promising and rapidly growing cities in the world that AviationCV.com recommends for pilots as their next career move. Kunming is called the “happiest city in China”. Due to the high pilot demand, foreign pilots receive 30% higher wage rate than the natives. City is also appealing due to its 10 month long spring, less stressful and a lot more comfortable living conditions. Another location in China, which is a complete opposite to Kunming, is Shanghai. Shanghai is a city with so many top-10 rankings in the world that you get dizzy just reading it. It is the most populous city in the world and it is a hub for fifteen international and local carriers. Shanghai is a place for a fast-paced loving and very cosmopolitan type of person, yet it is not as costly as other metropolitan cities around the world. Taking a step closer to Europe we come across Almaty in Kazakhstan. With promising plans to finally open up their air borders for foreign carriers and local market continuously growing, Kazakhstan is a great place for the next career move. Due to the local pilot shortage, carriers are hiring professionals from Russia and CIS countries. Almaty is a lot more European than other Asian cities; it is the largest Kazakhstan city, as well as the main international aviation hub in Kazakhstan and entire central Asia.

Another important aspect of the aviation industry are airlines itself and their plans for the upcoming year. Lufthansa, which is the second largest airline in Europe, is planning to continue to work on recruitment of pilot-trainees and will accept 120 pilots-to-be for the courses that will start in March of 2014. In addition to the pilot-trainees, Lufthansa is also planning to deploy 200 new pilots over the upcoming year.

Even though we looked just at a very small portion of the market we can definitely see the growth trends and continues need for the professional, well educated and enthusiastic pilots. So what is a better time to become a pilot than now?