26 Nov

New year – new focus on career

The upcoming New Year means the time for new decisions and changes in life. For the aviation enthusiasts and future pilots those changes include the new Type Rating Training Centre search. On the 3rd of December, at 17:00 (GMT+2) the aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy, will deliver the last webinar of 2013. Webinar will focus on how to choose the Type Rating Training Centre. It will provide a lot of useful information for the new aviation enthusiasts and those who are planning on becoming pilots but haven’t made their action plan yet.

Every country has its own Civil Aviation Administration that works under the specific regulations. These regulations need to be kept in mind when choosing the training centre and the preferred employment location. Every training centre is a separate entity that works under the regulations of its regional Aviation Association and therefore might not match the CAA requirements of each country.

Type Rating Training Centre quality factors depend on the training center and the program it provides. Training centers should be equipped with modern technology, updated theoretical material and other things, which will be discussed during the webinar.

“Qualitative type training consists of many different things that are all closely related. Starting with the Aviation Organization that training centre works under, and ending with the small things like customer service and accommodations. All these parts need to work in a simultaneous and coherent fashion in order to provide future pilots with the best education and flawless studying experience in a very short time. Our webinar should help a lot of people who are new to the aviation industry and are dreaming of becoming pilots.” said Vejuna Balciunaite, SSP Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.

To get an exclusive access to the webinar, please register at: http://www.baatraining.com/webinar/ before the the 3rd of December, 2013.