31 Jul

How to prepare for the medical examination?

Medical examination is an important thing to all those who have a pilot’s license. There is no difference whether you have a private or a commercial pilot license – you must meet certain medical requirements. Once you have got a medical certificate you are ‘good to go’ for six, twelve or even more months depending on what kind of pilot license you have or you are trying to get. But after the time passes the medical examination has to be done again in order to have your certificate renewed. Each and every time you have to run through all the examinations, tests and analysis proving that health is in good enough condition and if it is not, your medical certificate may be temporarily or even permanently suspended. What precautions to take in order to avoid such a scenario and how to prepare yourself for yet another medical examination?

Pilot – not a profession but a lifestyle

First off all, when talking about a medical certificate it should be noted that when one decides to become a pilot he or she does not merely choose a profession. In fact, it is all about choosing a lifelong lifestyle. If you are serious about your pilot career you should admit to yourself that a healthy lifestyle is a must for you. Flying itself puts much stress on your body. For instance, it brings about dehydration (the humidity inside an aircraft falls down to 10 percent, while the normal level is 50) and the low pressure inside an aircraft may cause the nitrogen gas in your body to expand which can affect the times and dosages of some medications. Fingers, ankles and joints can also swell, and you may feel bloated. The so called jet lag causes a lot of physical and psychological stress and affects your wellbeing in many more ways. And what about the environmental influence or the health problems related to aging?

Considering all of the above, all those wishing to maintain a long career of a pilot must make strict choices and stick to an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. What does that mean? One of Baltic Aviation Academy pilot-instructors shares his experience and thoughts on this topic. According to him, sometimes people do not feel the responsibility for themselves and for the passengers. He has witnessed several cases when people had their medical certificates revoked simply because of ‘too much partying’. ‘Aviation is an amazing place to fulfil your career ambitions, however, it requires utmost devotion, and sometimes young people find it too hard. It does not mean that you cannot have any fun, you can, but it should be kept to a certain level.’ Moreover, this kind of lifestyle requires constant attention to your physical condition and nutrition. In other words, it is not enough go to the gym or eat more fruits and vegetables just before the medical examination.

In case of emergency

We would like to note, that our Academy does not encourage you to ‘cheat’ before the medical examination, but if you feel like your health condition is worse, or you have recently had some kind of health problems, here is some advice for you on what you could do.

Drink a lot of water. It is said that water has a great healing power and it does. Drink a lot of water, it will clean your organism and remove all the toxins.

Have a lot of rest. Prior to your medical examination have plenty of rest. If you have a chance – take a vacation. If not, a good night’s sleep can do wonders. A well-rested organism is a healthier organism. Try to avoid stress or hard work.