29 May

How to make the most of your pilot training?

Making the decision to start pilot training requires both consideration and preparation, especially with regard finance options. If you are determined to become a pilot, regardless of whether you are considering a private or a commercial pilot license, you are probably primarily concerned with acquiring the most professional flying skills possible.

Let’s be honest, in order to succeed as a pilot, the maximum effort must come from you – the pilot-to-be. As concerns all the “How-s” and “What-s” to do, Baltic Aviation Academy will try to cover the most significant aspects of pilot training today.

Right training provider

Before starting to act upon your dream to become a pilot, you must choose a reliable training centre. According to Baltic Aviation Academy’s survey, the most important thing is to do a thorough research of the potential training centres. ‘When you decide to spend money, you want to spend it well,’ says one of the Baltic Aviation Academy’s students. An accurate analysis of training centres will help you to decide which of them will be the best in fulfilling your expectations. The main feature that must be considered is the value for money. Beware of cheap deals: maintenance of aircraft or full flight simulators costs a great deal of money, which means that if a training centre maintains high quality infrastructure and provides adequate practical training, the cost cannot be significantly lower than the market average.

Needless to say that it may be hard to evaluate a particular training provider before trying out the actual training, but some features may be great indicators with regard to the overall quality of the institution. The first step is to check its web site. A well structured and informative website shows that the centre is interested in providing its visitors with all the required information. If you decide to contact the centre in person, pay attention to how fast you receive a response. A timely answer to your request shows that the training centre cares about its clients. But the most important thing is the testimonials of other students. Try to ask your friends or search for opinions on the Internet – if a particular training centre has failed many previous students, it is highly unlikely that it would meet your own expectations.

Do the best you can

Those who have already gained their pilot licenses will confirm that the path to the goal may be ‘bumpy’. Studies and training require determination, patience and maximum focus. In order to succeed in your training Baltic Aviation Academy’s instructors are here to provide you with several valuable advice based on years of practical experience:

  • Prepare yourself. In order to catch up with the intensive training course advanced preparation could be a very helpful solution. Make some research on your chosen type of aircraft and invest some time in studying the material yourself. Some of the cockpit or flight and control procedures can be practiced with the help of a flight simulator at the convenience of your own home. Come to the lectures or flight sessions with at least some understanding of the learning material to be covered in class.
  • Take as much of the instructor’s knowledge away with you as possible. Your theory and practice instructors are there for you to learn. Their obligation is to provide you with all the information and turn you into a professional pilot, so do not hesitate to ask them any questions, especially if you do not understand something. Wisely use your briefing, debriefing and flight session time – always remember that you have paid for the time and knowledge that you have to receive.
  • Focus on your studies. Despite the obvious nature of this last advice, you’d be surprised to find out how many students actually fail in following it. The key to successful training is the focus on the studies with as little distraction as possible. As previously said, a training session is usually very intensive, so you have to constantly keep up with the information flow. Meeting new people or having your training in an exciting foreign country can consume much of your attention and this actually happens quite frequently. Try to keep your purpose and the money that you spend on training in mind and just study, study and once again study. It is more fun to enjoy entertainment with a pilot’s license already in your pocket, right?

If you have any personal advice for those who are planning to gain a pilot’s license, please do not hesitate and share your tips with us at [email protected] The most interesting and useful authors will receive a special Baltic Aviation Academy gift!