May 2013

29 May

The importance of organizational culture in Aviation

All organizations maintain their own specific culture, but in that respect probably none are more complex than the one of an international airline. The word ‘international’ already suggests that there are diverse political, ethnic and social issues that need to be taken into account when designing any managerial policy. And then on top of that there is also the requirement to maintain products and services of uniform quality regardless of the market setting. Knowledge of cultural dimensions is priceless in mitigating risk, containing costs and improving corporate effectiveness. Surprisingly, the most noteworthy aspects of organizational behaviour are often overlooked or...

29 May

How to make the most of your pilot training?

Making the decision to start pilot training requires both consideration and preparation, especially with regard finance options. If you are determined to become a pilot, regardless of whether you are considering a private or a commercial pilot license, you are probably primarily concerned with acquiring the most professional flying skills possible. Let’s be honest, in order to succeed as a pilot, the maximum effort must come from you – the pilot-to-be. As concerns all the “How-s” and “What-s” to do, Baltic Aviation Academy will try to cover the most significant aspects of pilot training today. Right training provider Before starting to act upon...

21 May

Baltic Aviation Academy presents Aviation Management in Jakarta

Baltic Aviation Academy is set to hold a seminar on the topic ‘Aviation Management – 1 study program 2 professions’ on the 25th of May in Jakarta. The event will be dedicated to those who aim for a career in aviation sector. During the seminar the attendees will be introduced with the career possibilities in aviation sector – ‘Aviation Management’ study program will be presented. In addition to that, questions like: what pilot profession is; what is the variety of pilot licenses; what requirements for the candidates are – will be answered. Furthermore, the visitors of the event will be able...

17 May

Baltic Aviation Academy’s International Open Door Day

On the 4th of May Baltic Aviation Academy's employees together with aviation enthusiasts and pilot-to-be spent time at the Ab Initio school training base in Kaunas Darius and Girenas aero¬drome. The reason of such gather¬ing was the Third International Open Door Day of Baltic Aviation Academy. Enjoy!...

10 May

Baltic Aviation Academy presents Aviation Management study program in India

On the 17-19th of May aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) is aimed to present Aviation Management study program in Times Education Boutique held in Delhi, India. The three days’ long exhibition will focus on the issue of encouraging young people to consider a career in different spheres. Baltic Aviation Academy’s representative together with partner in India Aviacom Inc. will present bachelor study program of Aviation Management. Graduates of this program obtain a license of either a private pilot or a pilot of commercial aviation as well as a bachelor degree in Aviation Management. ‘Throughout the last year we have...

2 May

Baltic Aviation Academy continues developing pilot assessment program

Baltic Aviation Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with White Airways airline. According to the agreement, White Airways will be providing pilot assessment procedures for Baltic Aviation Academy graduates. Baltic Aviation Academy, understanding the needs and requests from pilots-to-be, continues to create possibilities for students to be evaluated by the airline professionals. With the assessment procedure, delivered by airline’s pilot-selection professionals, students will get evaluation on their flying proficiency skills and character suitability for the job. ‘Baltic Aviation Academy, as the aviation training centre, has a mission not only to provide high quality trainings, but also to do all in our hands...

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