January 2013

21 Jan

Can financial issues hold you back from becoming a pilot?

It is a well known fact that pilot training is expensive. This extraordinary dream is tied down to such a realistic issue as money. According to the current aviation market requirements, a person, in order to be even considered as a candidate for a job in any European airlines has to be in possession of an Airline Transport Pilot License and have a type rating, base training as well as line training certificates which all have to be paid out of the student’s pocket. Of course, after landing a job in an airline the training pays off in a short...

4 Jan

Baltic Aviation Academy Presents Its First Webinar Dedicated To Potential Pilots

Baltic Aviation Academy presents the first webinar dedicated to persons of various age who are considering to become commercial aviation pilots. The webinar entitled ‘Occupation: pilot. What exactly does it mean?’ will be released on the 8th of January (Tuesday) at 15:00 UTC/GMT time. You can register for the webinar via www.baatraining.com/webinars/  until the 8th of January. After the series of four webinars designed for individuals already experienced in piloting, Baltic Aviation Academy takes an initiative to present a webinar from Ab Initio training perspective. The upcoming webinar presents key issues concerning potential students such as entry requirements, the necessary skills...