November 2012

28 Nov

Parents Gain Interest on Their Children Careers in Aviation

Even before their children reach the age of getting a drivers license, parents place queries for their childs career in aviation. Industry reports an increasing number of parents‘ queries for the professional advice on their children potential in making a career in aviation. “Many parents contacting have faced the optimistic aviation market forcasts for upcoming decades, such as Boeing‘s “Current Market Outlook”, stating that during the upcoming 20 years period world airlines will be faced with the need to employ over 460000 pilots, what equals to approximatelly 23000 new pilots each year“, Indre Sveistryte, Head of Baltic Aviation Academy‘s Ab Initio...

23 Nov

Different sectors face the same challenges in training future specialists

Aviation training centers deal with an entire generation of Ab Initio students who grew up while playing such games as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Nowadays three-year-olds play with their iPads, the main problem in causing various accidents is human errors and training budget are cut after the recession across the organizations. Therefore, new ways for cost-effective training have to be found in such sectors as aviation, defense, medicine, maritime, security and transportation. Baltic Aviation Academy provides a short overview of the main topics emphasized in the 3rd Low-Cost Training Trends & Technology (t3) Seminar, that took place on Tuesday 30th October...